Our Vision

We envisage a world in which economic policies and financial systems allow for efficient, effective and equitable health and welfare systems, enabling a multi-sectoral response to HIV/AIDS, TB, health in general, and other development imperatives, towards broad-based flourishing and the achievement of the rights of all people.

Our Mission

To improve economic governance, fiscal policy, financial management and accountability regarding HIV/AIDS, TB and health in general, through building capacity at all levels: senior public financial decision-makers, policy-makers, parliamentarians, financial and programme planners, managers and implementers, members of civil society and researchers.

what we do

CEGAA aims to achieve two overarching strategic outcomes for impact:

    1. 1. Active engagement by civil society towards holding governments accountable for effective resourcing of their responses to HIV/AIDS.
    2. 2. Increased efficacy in the use of financial resources by African governments to strengthen their responses to HIV/AIDS.

      To realise these outcomes, CEGAA works towards:

      1. 1. Increased civil society influence in HIV/AIDS budgeting and expenditure processes.
      2. 2. Increased transparency and accountability of governments and other stakeholders for HIV/AIDS spending.
      3. 3. Improved use of evidence for effective allocations and spending on HIV/AIDS and related health systems.
      4. 4. Increased and improved spending for a multi-sectoral development response to HIV/AIDS.
      5. 5. Enhancing our own organisational functioning.

        CEGAA has added value to a range of organisations in the region by:

        1. 1. Facilitating organisations' recognition of the budget as a tool for advocacy and health systems strengthening;
        2. 2. Supporting governments at key points in the financial planning cycle, through costing, budget creation and execution, tracking of spending and outputs, improving financial information systems, and enhancing performance-based financial management;
        3. 3. Sharing a sound understanding of the regional health context and the dynamics of health sectors in respective countries;
        4. 4. Providing resources and tools that are practical, effective and easy to use;
        5. 5. Offering ongoing follow-up technical support and tactical guidance on advocacy;
        6. 6. Motivating strategic global, regional and national opportunities for greater access to financial resources for Africa's response to health and HIV/AIDS.

        CEGAA has strong connections with health economists across Africa, and engages with research associates who are critically involved in projects to develop skills and capacity across the continent. We also have productive relationships with civil society advocacy groups and activists, who ensure the fulfilment of our research objectives towards improving services and financial systems to benefit people living with HIV and AIDS.