Interactive and constructive engagement between government and civil society - Photo courtesy of TAC
CEGAA's work is underpinned and governed by principles of participatory research, empowerment through the research process, and full ownership by our partners (civil society or government bodies) of the process, outputs and outcomes, for use in their strategic plans and advocacy campaigns
Our strategic focus links programmatic research with an advocacy agenda. We use our valid and action-based budget research evidence as an important tool for health systems strengthening and community advocacy initiatives to push for quality HIV/AIDS service provision.
CEGAA engages in strategic advocacy work at different levels of government and civil society, and with a central concern for multi-sectoral participation and collective effort. 
These activities include:
1. The development of sound evidence and information for government, directed towards facilitating a change agenda.
2. Moving important information from government to civil society to facilitate interactive and constructive engagement.
3. Strategically positioning CEGAA to provide input towards critical processes through networking with key decision-makers, identifying significant points of influence and agency in the policy and budget process, and consciously mobilising these individuals to leverage change.
Participatory Methods
Through participatory methods, we conduct citizen field-building to empower community members with skills in gathering and understanding data relating to health systems financing, household-level and facility-based surveys, expenditure, and costing of resource needs for HIV/AIDS responses.

Sharing Knowledge
By convening public hearings and other feedback fora, CEGAA and our partners share the knowledge yielded by these analyses with community organisations, healthcare workers and government stakeholders. Recommendations for collaborative resolution of issues are presented during these exchanges, and we contribute to sustaining momentum for follow-through by facilitating targeted action and ongoing advocacy.