NASA - Uganda

August 2010 - June 2011

CEGAA has undertaken an assessment of all HIV/AIDS and TB spending in South Africa. Provincial spending data, as well as the national picture, will inform the development of the new national and provincial strategic HIV/AIDS plans, and will contribute to the alignment of all actors' efforts to the national priorities.

It is hoped that the evidence generated will lead to improved accountability, transparency, efficiency and sustainability of the response to HIV/AIDS and TB in South Africa. This project is funded by UNAIDS through its Technical Support Fund on behalf of the South African AIDS Council (SANAC).

Since 2007, CEGAA has also provided NASA training, technical support and content expertise for National AIDS Councils for a number of countries in the region: Botswana, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

The NASAs provide very powerful evidence to inform the governments' and donors' resource allocative decisions. For example, in Botswana, the NASA data indicated that the increase in spending on treatment came at the expense of prevention activities, for which very little was going towards interventions for high-risk groups such as commercial sex workers (CSW) and men who have sex with men (MSM). As a consequence, Botswana's National AIDS Co-ordinating Agency (NACA) mobilised additional resources for prevention from donors, while the country's gay and lesbian network put pressure on the government to increase programs for MSMs and CSWs, which resulted in a program targeting high-risk groups. In Zambia, the NASA found limited alignment of all the efforts with the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, and enabled the NAC to engage more meaningfully with the many donors to ensure an integrated and comprehensive response.

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